A Rustic, Outdoor Wedding at McBrayer Ranch in Powder Springs, Georgia

Whitnei Matthews (27 and a stay at home mom) and Brett Matthews (29 and a mechanic) met at a mutual friend's house. Whitnei asked Brett to join her at her house to watch a football game the following day and they have been together ever since. After a month of dating, Whitnei jokingly asked Brett if they could stop at a jewelry store and, to Whitnei's surprise, they did. They left the store that day with her wedding rings but Brett kept them for a later proposal. While on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Brett finally got down on one knee and proposed to Whitnei. They decided to have their wedding at McBrayer Ranch in Powder Springs, Georgia where Whitnei's dream of a rustic, chic wedding could come to life. "I am a simple girl from the country to I decided I wanted to show that off," she says. Their color palette was pink, turquoise and ivory with accents of burlap and lace. Various wooden signs were displayed throughout the wedding adding DIY elements to the day. Even with the perfect rustic setting, Whitnei admits she wishes she had relaxed more at her wedding and advises future couples to do so at their own. "Relax at your wedding," she says. "I know it is hard to do but oh, how I wish I had."