A Rustic Outdoor Wedding at Wine Country Weddings & Events in Traverse City, Michigan

Shannon Collum (33 and a literacy coach) and Josh Brish (33 and a supply chain consultant) love being outdoors, so they knew that they wanted a rustic, natural theme for their wedding. (The couple even got engaged in an apple orchard!) A tree and leaf motif was carried throughout the decor, with a cake made to look like a birch tree trunk with the couple's carved initials, and handcrafted wooden candle holders and cake plate made by Shannon's father. Bright, summer flowers were used for the bouquets and centerpieces, with the centerpiece florals displayed in a collection of glass bottles, vases, and wooden boxes. The groomsmen and bridesmaids wore simple gray suits and dresses, which really allowed the bright boutonnieres and bouquets to pop. The reception was held in a barn on the property, with hay bale couches covered with linen and throw pillows, a claw foot tub filled with water bottles for guests, and a table of complimentary sunglasses so guests could shade their eyes from the blazing sun.