A Romantic Southern Wedding at Legare Waring House in Charleston, South Carolina

When Katie Bjorkman (26 and works for Holy City Hospitality) was assigned to take Reed Bjorkman’s (26 and works for Lee Distributors) photo for their high school yearbook, he wouldn’t stop talking. Although Katie found it frustrating at the time, a year later she fell in love with Reed's outgoing personality. From the moment they found Legare Waring House in Charleston, South Carolina, they knew it was the perfect place for an open-air wedding under the stars; the couple decorated the grounds with string lights. To create their vision, Katie and Reed made most of the decorations themselves, including the long doily runners, chalkboard menu, seating chart and framed pictures of their grandparents from their own wedding days. “We added many small touches to make our guests feel welcome, including hankies for their tears of joy and shawls to wrap up in when it got chilly.” —Jen Leahy