A Rustic, Romantic Spring Wedding at Zingerman's Cornman Farms in Dexter, Michigan

Spring-inspired arrangements and natural wood accents lent an organic look to Lauren Stanko (31 and a director of visual merchandising) and Elliott May’s (31 and a director of business development) rural reception.

“We wanted to plan the sort of wedding we’d be psyched to attend as guests,” Lauren says of working alongside Take a Seat Events to bring their farm fete to life. “We also wanted our guests to feel comfortable and just have fun.” Ombré flower petals lined the outdoor aisle, where Lauren and Elliott sealed the deal under a lush arch adorned with snapdragons. “It ended up being the perfect, sunny, 75-degree day,” Lauren says. “We definitely got lucky.”

Custom invitations let guests know they had “aggressive partying” to look forward to.

The Ohio-based couple traveled north to The Mitten for their destination wedding. “We love Michigan and have many great memories there,” Lauren says. “The farm is such a beautiful venue, and they let us put our fingerprints over every single detail, which was a plus.”

A seamstress added removable, off-the-shoulder sleeves to Lauren’s strapless silk sheath.

“Great photo ops and good music were a must,” Lauren says of their tented reception on the farm’s sprawling lawn. “We wanted guests to dance hard enough to shatter the tent’s lightbulbs.” At the end of the night, partygoers closed out the celebration with savory pork buns served from a late-night food cart.

Preceremony treats included beer, wine and a bag of homemade snack mix.