A Rustic, Southern Charm-Inspired Wedding at Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, California

With natural open land that had an on-site red barn and Victorian estate, Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, California, was the perfect venue for this rus

With natural open land that had an on-site red barn and Victorian estate, Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, California, was the perfect venue for this rustic wedding filled with Southern charm. "I grew up in South Carolina and I knew I wanted a rustic feel to our wedding," Victoria Helou (30 and a community manager) says of her marriage to Robert Helou (30 and a contractor). "When I showed up at Camarillo Ranch, I had this overwhelming feeling and knew that it was the venue for us." They kept the palette light with soft shades of pink, gray and white reflected in many of the wedding details—from the invitations to the hydrangea, rose and baby's breath centerpieces arranged inside wooden boxes. Two faded wooden panels created an entrance into the outdoor ceremony space, leading to the grand tree where Victoria and Robert said their vows. The party then moved into the classic barn, where twinkling string lights, chandeliers draped with greenery and a large heart-shaped wall decoration accented the space—creating a charming vibe mixed with wooden interior and furniture. Vintage dinnerware with white menu cards had sprigs accenting the top, and each setting had jarred strawberry that guests took home. We absolutely loved the dessert options: cake balls covered in sprinkles and glass jars of candy to supplement the white wedding cake on top of a rustic bark stand. Check out more of these rustic details that charmed us, below.

White invitations with charcoal gray and light pink text reflected the day's romantic palette, giving  guests a preview of the charming day to come.
Victoria had her hair pinned up into an elegant updo style for the wedding, which revealed her deep back neckline that buttoned down the back. The lace overlay accented the lace straps, embodying a romantic feel that she fell in love with.
A tall stake painted gray had smaller wood panels hanging horizontally, pointing in the direction of where to go for the day's different festivities.
Two faded panels of wood leaned up against wooden barrels outside, marking the entryway going into the ceremony space. Because the surrounding landscape at Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, California, was  beautiful, little to no additional decor had to be added.
Victoria held a romantic bouquet filled with pastel-colored roses and peonies, matching the day's soft palette. "For me, flowers weren't something I had put a lot of thought into," Victoria says. "I knew I wanted to keep the bouquets simple, and thankfully, we have a family friend who put everything together perfectly."
The plank that rested on wooden barrels created a table for the guest book alternative—two long pieces of wood where guests left lovely messages and advice for the newlyweds.
Victoria and Robert lifted their hands in celebration after their first kiss at the outdoor ceremony at Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, California. Robert had a single ivory rose pinned to the lapel of his charcoal gray jacket, which matched Victoria's soft-colored flower bouquet.
A large heart-shaped decoration hung on the wall and created a romantic glow inside the space. Wooden dining tables seated guests inside the barn, which had rustic boxes filled with pastel-colored blooms that added some rustic charm.
White elegant chandeliers dangled from the ceiling inside the barn, overflowing with greenery that hung close to string lights illuminating the space.
Rustic boxes filled with ivory and pink blooms—ranging from hydrangeas to roses and baby's breath—sat on top of white runners and decorated dining tables.
"For our favors, I had my mom and grandma make my most favorite strawberry jam," Victoria says. "We provided it at the tables for the guests to use with dinner or to take home. The jam was one of my favorite elements of the wedding."
Victoria wore an ivory dress entirely covered by a rosette lace overlay. The gown had a deep V-neck in the front and back of the dress, which also had buttons trailing down the silhouette.
The classic red barn at Camarillo Ranch housed the reception, where guests entered through the open doorway draped with gray linens. The barn, Victorian house and beautiful open property won over Victoria and Robert when they first visited the venue.
The ivory napkins folded at each seat contained a white and gray menu card inside its flaps, with lavender sprigs poking out. The arrangement rested on top of white and gray vintage dinnerware, where each guest sat and enjoyed their meal.
During the reception, Victoria and Robert took their seats at the sweetheart table. Their antique wooden chairs had "Mr." and "Mrs." white and gray signs that hung from the back, with green garlands draped on top for a rustic, charming vibe.
Guests chose from a variety of desserts displayed  together at the reception, including adorable cake pops covered with sprinkles or decorated with heart-shaped designs. They sat on top of a faded blue wooden stand that went along with the rustic vibe.
The four-tier wedding cake had delicate beading on top and around the layers of the dessert, perched up on a stand made of tree bark. A white-painted wooden table displayed the entire cake at large, with an elegant silver serving set on the side.
Victoria's ivory dress had a beautiful lace overlay covering her dress, exactly what she wanted. "When searching for a wedding dress, the only thing I wanted was lace," Victoria says. "I wanted to tie in our looks with our venue, and I wore a gorgeous fitted lace dress that was incredible. It fit me like a glove!"