A Rustic, Vineyard Wedding at Sassafras Springs Vineyard in Springdale, Arkansas

With the backdrop of a beautiful chapel and a rustic barn, Lydia Cazzell (27 and communications director at New Life Church) and Seth Flood (27 and a CVS pharmacy technician) celebrated their big day two months after getting engaged. Simplicity was the theme, and the goal was to celebrate friends, family and their love. “Overall, we wanted our wedding to be timeless and classic," Lydia says. "We wanted it to reflect who we are as a couple—easygoing and fun. We didn’t want the wedding—as an event—to overshadow the celebration.” 

For the ceremony she relied on Sassafras Springs Vineyard in Springdale, Arkansas, to provide the ambiance. “The only decorations at the chapel were a few lanterns and a beautiful shag of florals and greenery over the altar,” Lydia says. “The venue spoke for itself. We wanted to keep it simple and classic.” In keeping things simple, the couple were able to plan their own day. “Both Seth and I were intentionally present for every moment and conversation through our engagement and wedding day. We did the entire process together and had so much fun,” Lydia says. Her laid-back attitude also helped her plan a picture-perfect wedding that fit within her budget. “We had ours on a Thursday afternoon. This made everything less complicated. Photographers were available, my hair stylist was open, the venue had no bookings, the band was free, and everything was much cheaper. I loved it and wouldn’t change it even if I did it all over again. Nearly everyone we invited made it to the wedding, and we had 150 of our closest friends and family,” Lydia says. —Ginger Harris