A Rustic, Vintage Backyard Wedding at a Private Residence in Fresno, California

Anna Bowser (31 and a pediatrician) and Grant Medefind (38 and a family medicine doctor) were both working at the same hospital. Anna was a resident while Grant was an attending doctor, and they were both working on the same patient. Their updates on the patient’s health turned into emails, which turned into intimate letters that eventually led to Anna and Grant’s serious relationship. Anna’s sister brought her to a peach orchid one afternoon, where she was surprised to find Grant waiting with music, candles, fireworks and a romantic proposal with her grandmother’s ring. The wedding took place on Anna’s family’s farm and had their ceremony next to the pond close to their house. The first dress Anna tried on was the one she wore on her wedding day, which was an ivory dress with elegant lace sleeves. The romantic, elegant wedding was decorated in the color palette of whites and pinks. The couple had many children attending their wedding, and so they decided to include all 23 of them by walking down the aisle at the ceremony. Guests took home prescription bottle that read “Take one and DON’T call us in the morning,” filled with personalized M&Ms. The evening’s meal ended with homemade ice cream served in polka dot bowls, a sweet touch to a sweet wedding!