A Rustic, Vintage Wedding at Five Lakes Resort in Frazee, Minnesota

Jessica Peterson (28 and a quality analyst) and Tim Peterson (34 and a data technician) were married at Five Lakes Resort in Frazee, Minnesota. “I have dreamed of having a rustic, vintage wedding since I was a kid,” says Jessica. The couple incorporated personal details throughout their day to reflect the theme: They repurposed an old door for their ceremony backdrop, a vintage trunk for gifts, an old bench as a photo accessory and old fence doors as guides to the aisle entrance. Jessica also incorporated her great-grandmother’s handkerchief and brooch into her bouquet. The ceremony took place outside at the base of a large oak tree, and a cocktail hour and reception followed in the barn. The couple played a game with their guests at dinner: “We had a few ‘kissing menus’ at each table with a list of activities that could be completed to get us to kiss,” says Jessica. Among the items on the list were the standard clinking of glasses, doing a “Tarzan scream” and singing the theme song from 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'!