A Rustic Vintage Wedding at The Crash Pad in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Nicole and Mark met at the Whofest Arts Festival--Nicole had a booth to show her paintings and Mark had a booth featuring Chattanooga-centric t-shirts. He bought a painting from her, and then commissioned two more. Five years later, Mark proposed on a pier on the Southside of the Tennessee River.The couple's rustic vintage wedding was created with details of vintage glass soda bottles, wildflowers and the textures of lace and burlap. Inspired by aromatherapy and Nicole's bouquet of lavender, eucalyptus and rose, the color palette had soft variations of purple, pink and green hues. DIY elements like the stationery designed by the groom which depicted a delicate flock of birds in flight or gathering in a tree, added a personal touch to the decor and style.