A Rustic Wedding at Chase on the Lake in Walker, Minnesota

Kate Ringle (33 and an ER nurse) and Patrick McMeekin (34 and a chief operating officer) wanted their wedding to be a celebration of their families. When Kate was a child, her mother and three sisters were killed in a car accident—leaving only her and her father behind. Planning a wedding is difficult, but doing it without her mother or sisters' support was extremely challenging. She knew she wanted to honor their memory, and the Colorado-based couple knew that meant one special place: Kate's family's cabin on Ten Mile Lake in Hackensack, Minnesota. "It seems only appropriate that I marry the man I have waited my whole life for in a spot that means so much to me," she says. Kate and Patrick enlisted the help of Events & Interiors by Design and KD Floral & Gardens to bring their vision to life with textured florals, rustic chalkboards and tree centerpieces. The ballroom turned rustic garden for the reception was just as sentimental to Kate, since her grandmother lived across the street. Kate still remembers when it burned down and watching them rebuild it. "Watching it be built back up over the years and seeing what it has become today reminds me of strength," she says. "It's something I think Chase and I have in common." Although the wedding focused on family memories, they threw in laughter-inducing details, including selfie sticks in lieu of a photo booth. "It was so much fun to see all the selfies," Kate says. "One of the family members decided to make a selfie stick into a 'Kissing Cam,' so there were a ton of sweet pictures of people kissing. It was such a fantastic idea and people loved it." See the photos from this rustic wedding, captured by Purrington Photography, below.