A Rustic Wedding at Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, Colorado

Monique Dulac (33 and a GIS analyst) and Aaron Rouse (33 and a mortgage underwriter) met through mutual friends. Aaron proposed while they were on vacation in Puerto Rico. Since Aaron is a scientist, Denver Museum of Nature and Science was a natural choice for the wedding. They used the outdoors and science as their inspiration and used copper, green and white for a rustic color palette. Keeping with the science theme, the couple even put a physics equation on the three-tier vegan wedding cake. "The equation on our cake is Schrodinger’s equation,” Aaron says. “It describes how waveforms evolve with time and how individual particles act as if there are complex interactions with other particles in it’s wave, even when alone. I chose this equation because Monique and my relationship has fundamentally changed our nature." At the end of the night, they danced “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. “I was nervous to dance in front of everyone, but as soon as we got out there I tripped, messed up a move and stepped on my dress which almost caused me to flash everyone,” Monique says. “That definitely took the pressure off and we just started laughing and goofing around. It was awesome.”