A Rustic Wedding at the St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club in St. Augustine, Florida

Gina Steibe (29 and a project manager) and Kirby Ingram ( 27 and a project manager) first met at work and started to occasionally meet for lunch. “Immediately his sense of humor got me, and I realized this was someone who could give me a run for my money,” says Gina. “There was a never a dull moment, and we were always laughing (and still are).” Kirby surprised Gina with a proposal while they were on vacation in Paris. After he booked the trip, Gina’s friends began to question her about the possibility of him proposing. When Gina, told Kirby, he convinced her otherwise. “He went on and on and was very adamant that Paris was not about a proposal,” says Gina. “From then on, any time someone would say something to me about it, I would get angry and defensive and say "no way;" I was 100% convinced.” While in France, the couple was spending time in their hotel room when Kirby asked “Hey babe, come here for a sec." Soon after, he brings out the ring. “I stop breathing. He opens it and says "will you do me the honor of being my wife?" Tears start rolling down my face,” says Gina. “I'm freaking out. Poor Kirby is waiting for me to say yes and I'm too shocked to do anything but laugh and cry at the same time.” She accepted and the two enjoyed their vacation as soon-to-be-weds. A year and eight months later, Gina and Kirby were wed at the St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club in St. Augustine, Florida.