A Rustic Winter Wedding at Southwind Hills in Goldsby, Oklahoma

Brooklyn (22 and a dental hygiene student) and Caleb Neal (22 and a physical therapy assistant) met at a church youth leadership camp. “We got to know each other over the summer better and started dating in September when Caleb asked my father for permission to date me,” Brooklyn says. In fact, as part of the ceremony the couple’s student pastors shared sweet stories about watching the two grow up and fall in love. Rich hues of bordeaux mixed with a touch of the palest blush pink set the tone for this snowy winter wedding. Rustic mounted deer heads juxtaposed the delicate antique silver trays and chandeliers to create a warm romantic atmosphere. Each printed invitation was personally adorned with a bordeaux wax seal in the center of a crest and wrapped in bordeaux velvet ribbon. Instead of a traditional bar, Brooklyn and Caleb kept their guests warm with cappuccino, espresso and hot cocoa throughout the night. Navy pivot berries and delicate winter ferns were added to the floral arrangements and bouquets to match Oklahoma's pastoral landscape. The couple’s creative wedding favor inspired a few giggles: Hawaiian hazelnut coffee in bags printed with "Love is brewing, Grounds to celebrating" and "The Perfect Blend Caleb and Brooklyn." —Juliette Cheatham