A Rustic, Winter Wedding at the Oak Pointe Country Club in Brighton, Michigan

High school sweethearts and engineers Katie (23) and Scott (also 23) dated for nearly seven years before Scott popped the question. "Relatives and friends hinted and nudged, but we each had some personal milestones we wanted to get accomplished before taking the next step," Scott says. "After having both received our diplomas, started full-time jobs, and settled into our grooves, I decided that it was time to start ring shopping for the girl I love." When it came to the proposal, Scott knew he had to find the right surprise to keep her from getting suspicious. He decided to use a last-minute suit fitting for an upcoming black tie event to propose to Katie when she least expected it. After a week of pretending to drag his feet about the appointment, Scott convinced Katie to come with him to the store, where the manager helped to hide away a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of flowers. Dressed in Katie's favorite suit with a ring tucked in the pocket, Scott asked, "So, on a scale from one to good enough to propose to someone in, how nice is this suit?" The startled and elated Katie quickly said yes, and together they set off on their nuptial-planning at the Oak Pointe Country Club in their hometown of Brighton, Michigan. Through seven years of high school dances, cross country meets, long distance dating, and changing dreams, Katie concludes, "Through it all, we were each other's constant."