A Rustic, Woodsy Wedding at Lake Tahoma in Marion, North Carolina

Lee Outland (21 and a nurse) and Thomas Johnson (23 and a biologist) fell in love during a college chemistry class. But after being forced to deal with long distance when TJ graduated, Lee worried that the distance was enough to break their connection. "He came to visit me one weekend and I could immediately tell something was off—in my mind, worst cast, he was going to end it—and I was sick to my stomach during our hike," says Lee. "At the top, I stepped off from TJ to view the other side of the scenic overlook and I noticed something on the tree. There was a 'Will' carved in the tree, then a 'You' carved into the next one but then I didn't see anymore trees. I ran, full force, to find TJ down on one knee!" After their earthy proposal, the couple planned an equally rustic wedding at Lake Tahoma in Marion, North Carolina. Quickly into the planning process, Lee and TJ decided on an simple ivory and blush color palette with burlap and lace accents. When TJ and Lee had been dating a year, he took her on a trip to Montana and one of the adventures ended in TJ carving "L + T" in a tree as a symbol of their promise for a future together. "Around the entire reception, we had things that said 'L +T,'" says Lee. "My father being my hero and always my biggest fan, cut down a tree and personally made these for me with our brand—I couldn’t fathom anything more special."