A Sentimental Outdoor Wedding at Millcreek Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah

The summer wedding of Dave Henderson, 43, a special education teacher, and his bride Holly Roach, 27, a science teacher, was a celebration focused on family and love. Dave and Holly met while teaching at the same junior high school where the both still work. “It took him a while, but he worked up the courage to ask me to dinner,” Holly says. “We have been having fun and living life since.” After getting permission from her parents, Dave proposed to Holly at their favorite taco joint. The couple chose the beautiful Millcreek Inn in Salt Lake City as the venue for their ceremony and reception. “It just felt like the place we were meant to enjoy this day with our families,” says the bride. Instead of having a strict color palette and meticulous decorations, the bride and groom took a more laid-back approach to planning their special day. Almost everything at the wedding had a sentimental or emotional significance to them and their families, including a special gift and card table with 15 framed photographs of couples from both sides. “The element that best reflected us was the presence of meaningful things and people,” says the bride. “Every person that was there was special to us, and each item that was used had meaning as well.”