A Serene Seaside Wedding at Sitka Fine Arts Camp in Sitka, Alaska

Megan Lehmann (30 and in marketing at LinkedIn) and Joe Hyland’s (37 and the chief marketing officer at ON24) wedding on Whale Island in Alaska’s Sitka Sound was an scenic and intimate affair. “Sitka is a town of 8,000 people situated on an island in Alaska,” Megan says. “You can get there only by ferry or plane. I grew up in Sitka, but it was Joe’s idea to get married there. He loved the thought of sharing such a beautiful place with our friends and family.” To get to the quiet cove where their ceremony took place, the couple and their guests hopped on boats and then trekked a quarter mile down a trail—luckily, their 50 guests were advised to wear boots. The bride herself opted for Xtratuf boots with her dress. The cozy reception at the nearby Sitka Fine Arts Camp stuck to a simple green and ivory palette and offered lots of local flavors: from salmon quiches and specially brewed beer (served in a bottle labeled with a wedding logo Megan crafted herself) to dinner from local eatery Ludvig’s Bistro. —Carolyn Meers