A Shabby Chic DIY Wedding at New Braunfels Conservation Society in New Braunfels, Texas

Commence the swooning. Olivia Odom (25 and a barista) and Matthew Etheredge’s (28 and works in tech support) DIY wedding was nothing short of sensational. From the butternut squash vases in the centerpieces to the plastic-looking glassware that was actually made of corn syrup (yes, you read that right), we can’t believe our eyes. Don’t even get us started on the whimsical C.S. Lewis details that flowed effortlessly throughout the decor. Olivia and Matthew chose New Braunfels Conservation Society in New Braunfels, Texas, for their venue because of their limited wedding budget. “We found our venue by accident,” Olivia says. “We were driving around, exploring New Braunfels one weekend when we detoured down a small road. We happened upon a small, lush outdoor area that was fenced off and closed for a wedding. We had a lot of trouble finding a place within our tiny budget. The fact that they were lax on things like us bringing in our own catering and photographer was the absolute icing on the cake.” The couple worked with friends and family to create everything from the floral arrangements to the hand-lettered chalkboard signs to the brown-paper ceremony programs. Rhae Anne Photography beautifully captured all the details of the day. Wanting their decor to complement their October wedding date, they added pumpkins (some of which they painted gold) and antlers and completed the look with a fresh twist on a traditional fall color palette (read: shades of mint, bright orange and pink). In honor of the couple’s love of coffee and Olivia's job as a barista, guests went home with vintage coffee mugs that were handpicked from thrift stores and yard sales. “We were so amazed and blessed by all the help through family, friends and local businesses that made our big day come together,” Olivia says. “It would not have come close to what it was without them.”