A Shabby Chic Wedding at The Lyons Farmette & River Bend in Lyons, Colorado

Milena Rempel (22 and a student) and Gideon Rempel (22 and an operations manager of a vegetation company) met at Ravencrest Chalet Bible School. Gideon learned how to play guitar and serenaded Milena on the top of Lookout Mountain with “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against. “Gideon had told me from the get go that he was not going to tell me he loved me until he was ready to commit his life to me,” Milena says.The couple wanted to get married in the mountains of Colorado. After look around, they decided on The Lyons Farmette and River Bend. It had previously been a trailer park, but was washed out by a flood. Afterwards, it was turned into a wedding venue. “It was absolutely breathtaking and I didn’t have to do too much decorating because the venue was enchanting enough,” Milena says. “We were enclosed by a rock wall, mountains and, of course, a peaceful river.” Trying to plan a wedding on a budget, the couple kept decor to a minimum and used a lot of DIY details. “If you are on a budget, then don't stress, its really fun to try and find the bargains,” she says. She worked with all of her vendors to get exactly what she wanted at the price she could afford. She worked with Sturtz and Copeland Floral Designers to add just enough flowers but not overdue it. She also worked with Indulge Bakery to create a three-tier mint green wedding cake. One tier was chai cake with gingerbread frosting. Yum!From the Bride: “We had BBQ, mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables,” she says. “It was so delicious and had such a laid back feel that went well with our outdoor wedding. I did not want anything to fancy because I wanted our guests to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.”