A Simple, Colorful Wedding at Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, North Carolina

Lucy Beaman (20 and a student) met Kevin Christianson (23 also a student) at a friend’s dinner party during her first year at Brigham Young University in Utah. “We hit it off when Kevin started showcasing his dance moves,” Lucy says. “He asked me out shortly after.” After an intimate ceremony at the Raleigh, North Carolina, Mormon Temple, Lucy and Kevin hosted a simple Southern-style reception for 150 guests at Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, North Carolina. “Late summer provides such a rich palette to work with,” Lucy says. “We incorporated bright pops of color along with lush greens to complement the sprawling landscape that Rose Hill Plantation offers.” Wilmington florist Fiore Fine Flowers created warm groupings of peach, pink and magenta ranunculus and peonies, which brought refreshing color to the bridesmaid bouquets and the dining tables. In a crowd-pleasing after-dinner surprise, local wedding planner Southern Affair arranged for a hot-air balloon to land on the estate’s lawn. Lucy and Kevin offered their guests rides in the balloon as the sun set. "I actually mentioned to our planner that I wanted a hot-air balloon originally as joke, but she made it happen," says Lucy, who also encourages couples to be as present as possible on the big day. “Just take a deep breath and celebrate the commitment you are making to each other. It goes by in a flash.” —Carolyn Meers