A Simple, Elegant Wedding at Stonebridge Golf Course in Ann Arbor, Michigan

A chance meeting at a local Starbucks set the scene for the first interaction between Jennifer (32 and a store manager) and Thomas (33 and an architect) during Labor Day weekend in 2008. "I stepped up to the counter to order my coffee and was greeted by a stunning, bright-eyed barista," Thomas says. The two made small talk and Thomas retreated to a table with his coffee in hand only to realize he couldn't get his mind off of the girl behind the counter. "By the time I worked up the nerve to go back up to the counter, she was gone," he says. Disappointed, Thomas ordered yet another coffee and walked out to his car, only to hurry back inside with his name and number scribbled on a sheet of paper. "I asked the brunette barista if the blonde was still working and she smiled and pushed a button on her headset. A moment later, Jennifer emerged and I told her that since it was my birthday, I felt entitled to do something a little silly...so I left my number on the pastry case." For their June wedding in Ann Arbor, the couple settled on the Stonebridge Golf Course as the venue for both the outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. "We wanted a location with a bit of character that was intimate, yet would accommodate our large number of guests," Thomas says. The elegant, simple reception included shades of cornflower blue paired with gold highlights -- unrelated to the bride's alma mater of the neighboring University of Michigan. White, embossed invitations were created using a dark blue text while maps of the town were printed on blue linen card stock. As for advice for future to-be-weds, the couple says, "Just enjoy the day and each other -- everything will come together in the end!"