A Simple, Elegant Wedding at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina

Whitney Hewitt (32 and a director of growth strategy) and Phil Broussard (34 and a dosimetrist) met online on OkCupid.com. "Phil actually stood me up on our first date as my text confirming our meet up time and location did not go through," says Whitney. "Luckily, I knew he had potential so I was able to find a time for us to meet up the next night. We met at a local bar for a drink and I ordered a sidecar. Phil and I both enjoy a good cocktail and to this day he still says I had him at sidecar as he was so impressed I ordered this cocktail." For their wedding, the couple headed to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. "My parents retired near the area when I was in college and I quickly fell in love with the relaxed, artistic feel of Asheville," says Whitney. "The Grove Park Inn provided a unique mountain resort feel with an amazing view of the the Smokey Mountains." To allow the beauty of the setting to take center stage, the couple opted for a simple, elegant style with understated arrangements of pink, ivory and blue blooms and an outdoor cocktail hour with views of the surrounding mountains. Personal touches were incorporated throughout the day like homemade cookie favors, custom designed invitations and a rousing cocktail hour that served as a nod to their first date.