A Simple Garden Wedding at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California

Alison Yeh (23 and a graduate student) and Daniel Cheung (23 and a graduate student) grew up in the same city but crossed paths by chance years later. “We grew up within 20 minutes of each other but met through a group of friends,” Alison says. The couple proposed to each other in the park where they'd had their first date. “We wanted everything to be done together, including the proposal, ring designing and wedding planning—this made the whole process very rewarding for us,” Alison says. Alison and Daniel's wedding took place at their alma mater, Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Working to stay within a budget, they opted for minimal decorations. "We knew we were working with the terrific Santa Barbara coast, so we went really minimal with the design. We were lucky enough to have the wedding at one of the first places we'd met, and that significance—set along the California coast—was enough for us," Alison says. A quartet of Westmont orchestra members played throughout their ceremony in the university’s picturesque rose garden. Afterward, Alison and Daniel hosted 400 guests in a reception on the nearby lawn of the college's mansion. “We were working on a shoestring budget, and we knew that anything could be made to look good," says Alison, whose friend custom-made their invitations. —Carolyn Meers