A Simple, Intimate Wedding at Beverly Hills Courthouse in Beverly Hills, California

Jerrold Blackwell (28, a retail manager) and Drew Blackwell (28, a filmmaker) met each other online and went on their first date to a Japanese curry house in Pasadena, California. A year later, Jerrod moved in with Drew and they started to make plans to move to Boston, Massachusetts together. Drew had grown up in Thailand, and every time he went back he would bring Jerrold another engraved ring that would be added to his necklace. Just as they were about to make their move to Boston, Jerrold proposed to Drew in front of a large group of mutual friends with one of the rings. The couple got married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse, with an intimate gathering of eight loved ones. Jerrod and Drew had waited to get married until they legally could in the state of California, so they wanted to know the state was supportive of their union by getting married in the courthouse. For the wedding day, Jerrold wore all Ted Baker attire and Drew was dressed in Top Man. With no chosen color palette for themselves or their family, Jerrold and Drew both picked out their suits separately and actually ended up coordinating by chance! “We're two men of different races from very different backgrounds,” says Drew. “Without a "blueprint" telling us what to do, we were free to design our day however we pleased. No gender-normative or stereotypical elements, just love.”