A Simple, Laid-Back Wedding at Lonestar Room in Stockyard Station in Fort Worth, Texas

“We are both very laid-back people, and just wanted our family and friends to feel welcome and have a good time,” says Rebecca Mann (26 and a facility security coordinator) on her wedding to Ken Hobby (27 and a junior project manager). The couple got married in the Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth, Texas. “I had seen this chapel in multiple photographs, and it absolutely took my breath away,” Rebecca says. During the ceremony, she and Ken even included Like, their son, in their unity-candle lighting -- how sweet! For their reception, the couple wanted a simple and rustic venue in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. The celebrations commenced in the Lonestar Room in Stockyard Station, surrounded by cobblestone pathways, old country bars, gift shops and more -- a true taste of the Wild West. “Our location definitely allowed us to be laid-back and simple,” the bride says. Whisk Until Sweet, a family friend, created the wedding cake and whimsical groom’s cake, which was modeled with the Chicago Cubs in mind. The scoreboard on the cake had Rebecca and Ken at a tie, with the words “Tied for Eternity!” Rebecca offers tips for the taking to future couples planning their wedding: “Keep it simple. Remember that all the fine details are the last thing people are going to remember. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember that this is your day and it’s all about the love that the two of you share.” See the details captured by Christina Truelove Photography, below.