A Simple, Military Wedding at Hawk Hollow Golf Course in Bath, Michigan

Jake Rutherford (29 and in the US Army) and Ciara Rutherford (22 and a cosmetologist) met overseas in Vinceza, Italy where Jake was stationed and Ciara was visiting. They kept in contact while Ciara was home in Michigan. When Jake returned home a year later, he flew Ciara down to his hometown in Texas to see him. Jake was quickly stationed in North Carolina and they began a long distance relationship. Jake proposed to Ciara while out to dinner at the restaurant in Michigan where he first told her he loved her. They chose to have their wedding at the Hawk Hollow Golf Course in Bath, MI. "The price, location and beauty of this venue really locked in my decision," Ciara says. The color palette was navy, charcoal gray and coral. The navy and charcoal gray paired perfectly with Jake's army uniform and the coral added just the right pop of color. "I didn't really have a set theme," Ciara shares. "I just knew I wanted everything to be simple." The ceremony aisle was lined with shepherds' hooks with coral and white carnations. Ciara created as much of the decor as she could. She even made all of the centerpieces decorating glass fish bowls with coral roses surrounded by candles. Jake and Ciara's traditional wedding was simple with a focus on enjoying time with guests just as they wanted it to be.