A Simple Museum Wedding at Wonderlab in Bloomington, Indiana

Brooke Rasche (26 and a children's librarian) and Aron Newberry (31 and a USDA food inspector) met while working at a restaurant while attending India

Brooke Rasche (26 and a children's librarian) and Aron Newberry (31 and a USDA food inspector) met while working at a restaurant while attending Indiana University. When a group of people from work went out on Valentine's Day, the two started talking and a few months later realized they had feelings for each other. After graduation, Aron followed Brooke to Virginia when she received a job offer. Aron proposed to Brooke at an outdoor event called "Festival of Lights" in La Crosse, Wisconsin. With over 3,000,000 lights around them, Aron had arranged for a carriage ride through the lights and proposed to her, even though it was -30 outside. Since they knew their guests would have a wonderful time, Brooke and Aron decided to have their wedding at the museum Wonderlab in Bloomington, Indiana. They stuck with a simple color palette, choosing royal blue for the bridesmaid dresses and pocket squares for the groomsmen accented with the sunflower bouquets and boutonnieres. Because of the amazing attractions inside the museum, Brooke and Aron kept the reception minimal, just having their first dance as well as the parent dances. Their guests loved exploring the museum, especially when they got to snack on deliciously moist cupcakes by Underground Cupcakes. The day after their wedding, they took all of their closest friends who stayed at the hotel out on a pontoon to continue the wedding celebration. "It was such a wonderful way to end our time with friends and family, and it gave us the opportunity to really sit down and relax with everyone," says Brooke.

Brooke's wedding dress was a lovely white beaded dress with a sweetheart neckline and corset back.
Sunflower Bridal Bouquet
Outdoor Garden First Look
"Sunflowers have always been a favorite of mine, and I thought they would look wonderful against the royal blue bridesmaid dresses," says Brooke.
Sunflower Boutonniere
"The reception was extremely laid back. We had our first dance and parent dances, and that was all! We simply played music and let people explore the museum during the reception," says Brooke.
The groomsmen wore Vera Wang tuxes with royal blue pocket squares.
Outdoor Wedding Photo Shoot on Wood Bridge
Newlywed First Kiss During Ceremony
"We knew we wanted to have our wedding in Bloomington, Indiana since we both attended Indiana University," says Brooke.
The guests had such a great time exploring the museum that Brooke and Aron had to kick people out after closing time!
Each table centerpiece was a stack of books tied with ribbon and one of Brooke and Aron's favorite love quotes framed on top.
Instead of having a traditional guests book for family and friends to sign, Brooke and Aron had their guests mark a tree with their thumb prints to represent blue birds in their life.
Blueberry Sweetheart Wedding Cake
The highlight of the reception were the moist and beautifully decorated cupcakes by Underground Cupcakes.
"One of the reasons we chose Wonderlab was because we didn't need any decorations, " says Brooke. "The inside was already full of amazing things and bright colors."