A Simple, Natural Wedding at Aspen Hall in Bend, Oregon

Natalie Canon (29 and an operations manager at Green Sports Alliance) and Tyler Nishitani (29 and an architect) were in the same group of friends when they attended the University of Oregon. They were close friends by the time of graduation and started to date shortly after they discovered a deeper connection. The couple purchased a house together after seven years of dating, and took a trip to Tyler’s family vacation home in Hood Canal, Washington after working hard on renovations. Natalie and Tyler built a campfire close to the canal and listened to the soft waves as they stargazed on their last night at the house. As Tyler was explaining how important the location was to him, he felt it was the perfect place to pop the question to Natalie! The couple had their wedding at Aspen Hall, a Park and Recreation facility located in the high dessert of Bend, Oregon. The surrounding colors of the woods were used as inspiration for the minimal décor used throughout the simple, natural wedding. Natalie wore her mother’s wedding dress that had beautiful lace detail preserved from thirty years ago. The dress was altered while maintaining most of the original design, with short sleeves and a thin, champagne ribbon wrapped around the waist. Tyler wore a navy suit with wing tips that belonged to his grandfather, who was his role model throughout life. “While carefully crafting our ceremony, we took it upon ourselves to outline the foundation of our marriage, to give it lasting relevance and to provide us with guidance, honoring our family and friends in the process,” says Natalie.