A Simple, Rustic Wedding at Brewmaster's Gate in Columbus, Ohio

Taylor Gibson (30, a nanny and owner of Kiddo & Toots) and Greg Cobb (35, a material handler at Allied Minerals) were set up through Taylor’s friend who knew they were meant to be. Four years later, the couple had plans to tailgate the Ohio State vs. Penn State game going on that weekend. They met their friends beforehand and went to one of their favorite T-shirt shops to kill some time. Taylor went into the dressing room with Greg, and as he was trying on a shirt, he turned around to show her. Taylor was shocked when she realized the shirt read “Taylor Will You Marry Me?” as Greg got down on one knee and proposed. “The best part was that I had no clue it was going to happen that day,” says Taylor. “I am so thankful that he was able to surprise me.” The couple decided to have their wedding ceremony and reception at Brewmaster’s Gate located in the historic brewery district in Columbus, Ohio. They fell in love with the raw, rustic elements of wood, glass and brick that naturally decorated the space. Instead of choosing a color palette, they focused on the natural lighting that came through the large windows that seemed to touch every corner. A circular arrangement of chairs was created around where the couple was married, so each of their 400 guests could witness their memorable ceremony. For the reception, the room was transformed by white and green wispy flower arrangement that decorated the walls and rustic wood tables. Guests were served a variety of plates in a family styled manner, and for dessert a white and chocolate wedding cake complemented with cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and maple bacon donuts!