A Simple, Vintage-Inspired Wedding at Leonard Lake Reserve in Redwood Valley, California

Completely surrounded by the woodland and lakefront, guests experienced the ultimate relaxation at this outdoor, simplistic wedding with vintage detail. Katie Walsh (31 and an architect) and Nina Wobbrock (29 and a financial director) were married at Leonard Lake Reserve in Redwood Valley, California, where loved ones were comfortably housed inside six guesthouses for the weeklong celebration. The couple added vintage-inspired touches to their wedding day attire, such as Nina’s fabric flower headband accented with beads and lace, as well as Katie’s brown vest, khaki pants and boot combination. The ceremony was held right near the lakefront on the property, and the reception that followed took place on the porch of the big house, all captured by Miki Vargas Photography. Picnic tables were set with white chinaware rimmed with platinum, provided by Encore Event Rentals, which were topped with orange napkins and small bunches of lavender. Throughout all the wedding festivities, their families played a huge role in making the day perfect—from setting up dessert, to brewing coffee and gathering people together for photos. It only made sense that the couple returned the favor with a thoughtful gift, and we loved the effort put into making each and every one of the jarred jams that were given out! “We prepared homemade jams for each guest a few weeks before the wedding,” the couple says. “The first kind was strawberry, rhubarb and vanilla bean while the second kind was blackberry, plum and cardamom. Nina canned all 56 jars.”