A Simple Wedding at Carnival Cruise Lines in Port Canaveral, Florida

Everything about bandmates Sabrina Valentine (26 and a musician) and Camden Cruz’s (25 and a musician) whirlwind wedding had a personal touch and a fun atmosphere in mind - including the venue! Inspired by their married last name, Cruz, the couple had a cruise ship wedding at Carnival Cruise Lines in Port Canaveral, Florida. Minerva Photography was there to capture every minute of the one and a half hour celebration, which began with an intimate ceremony and ended in a dance party to a custom playlist. One surprise that even Camden didn’t expect was Sabrina’s processional song. “I recorded the song,” says Sabrina. “Our producer for Seven Kingdoms and I, along with all the mamas and Camden's aunt, not only surprised him, but made him cry from how amazing the song was and for how slick we were for getting one over on him.” As Camden is not easily fooled, this was a particularly memorable feat. Another stand out detail was the couple’s guests' attire. In lieu of  a traditional wedding color  or added decor, the couple asked their wedding party to wear black and their 65 other guests to dress in bright colors. Each friend and family member was also given a colorful lei. For future couples, Sabrina has a tip for the taking: “Always forgive and be willing to go the extra mile for the one you love. The hardest thing you'll do in this lifetime is love someone for as long as you both live. No one is perfect and neither is life, but love is the greatest gift life can give.”