A Soft, Elegant Wedding at the Athenaeum at Caltech in Pasadena, California

Mediterranean Revival architecture was the backdrop for Tabitha Chen (30 and a dentist) and Loren Lee's (31 and a dentist) elegant wedding. The venue itself, the Athenaeum at Caltech (where both the ceremony and reception were held), proved to be the biggest statement piece of all and allowed the couple to outfit the space with soft, romantic details like lush garland and anemone flowers. "We decided on a muted pastel palette—mauve, taupe, blush—and gold details for a little bling," Tabitha says. "We didn't want our wedding to be flashy, we wanted it to have a romantic feel, something that goes well with candlelight." Between the light green vintage, free-standing double doors that welcomed guests into the reception to the ornate chandelier hanging from the top of the blush reception tent, the decor was fresh and bright. The Athenaeum's high-arch walkways added an element of grandeur to the neutral palette, while dessert tables and a light-up heart marquee gave the reception a modern twist. —Allie Volpe