A Sophisticated Glam Wedding at The Grand Hall at Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri

Amanda Caracci (24 and a graphic designer) and Joseph (Joe) Starke (24 and an accountant) met in high school science class during their freshmen year. They realized they had chemistry and started dating their sophomore year. Amanda admits she’d been thinking about her wedding day since she was a little girl, and over the years, the basic vision stayed the same. She wanted to get married at the open-air World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park. “It has some of the most incredible views,” she says, adding that she liked the location close to downtown St. Louis, which made it convenient for out-of-town guests. Amanda designed the wedding invitations herself, setting the tone for a “garden glam” theme at the pavilion. Ceremony elements included flowing white and sheer fabric as decor, flowing pink bridesmaid dresses, Amanda in a layered princess-style gown, a sparkly chandelier at the altar, and a local quartet performing the couple’s favorite Broadway hits. Instead of having a unity ceremony with sand or a candle, Amanda and Joe mixed colorful glass pieces together, which was later melted down into a sculpture and Christmas ornament. “It was really cool and different—just what we were looking for,” Amanda says. The glam garden feel of the ceremony was carried into the site of the reception, the Grand Hall at Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri, through white, blush, dusty rose, burgundy, gold and a touch of silver. “We used a lot of the more vibrant colors at the reception,” Amanda says. “In the end, I could not have been any happier with the result.” A secondary theme of the celebration was food, evident in the five passed appetizers during the cocktail hour (guests raved about the candied bacon on a stick),   late-night snacks of Lombardo’s toasted ravioli (Amanda’s favorite), Gus’s Pretzels (Joe’s favorite), White Castle sliders and favors of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Oberweis milk. “It was important to us that everyone tasted a little bit of our favorite things,” Amanda says. The local band Lost Wax added a fun element to the celebration. “They truly made our reception complete.” Another thing that made their wedding complete was Amanda’s outlook: She let go of her “total perfectionist” tendencies and didn’t sweat the small stuff. “The only thing that mattered that day was that I was getting married to my best friend, and we were surrounded by those that love us.” —Chrissy Sorenson