A Sophisticated Terrace Wedding at he Cabell House in Charleston, South Carolina

Chloe Butler (24 and a financial analyst) was completely impressed when Kyle Haynes (25 and in the US Marine Corps) opened her car door on their first date. And even though they had only been together for two months when Kyle was deployed for a six month training mission in Africa, there was no doubt in Chloe's mind that she had found the one. "Kyle proposed shortly after he got back by recreating a prom in our apartment," says Sarah. "I had always joked about not going to my senior prom and he crowned me prom queen at the end of the night and proposed!” Two months later, the couple invited family and friends to celebrate during an intimate garden soiree at The Cabell House in Charleston, South Carolina. The couple worked with a simple gray and white color palette in order to to keep from overpowering Charleston's natural beauty. The bride's father and his partner designed all of the elegant white rose and peony flower arrangements with a traditional feel. Since the bride and groom had only been together for almost exactly a year on their wedding day, they wanted to have everyone at one table together. One long farm table filled the terrace reception for everyone to enjoy a family-style meal.”We planed everything in two months, which to some people sounds crazy but to us, we knew that the most important thing was that we would be married on that day," says Chloe. One of the bride's favorite aspects was the chandelier of flowers that her dad created. "I just had this vision of a small romantic southern wedding and that's exactly what my dad and his partner put together!"