A Southern Elegant Vintage Wedding in Fayetteville, AR

Courtney and Trey were high school sweethearts and dated throughout college. They dated for seven and a half years before Trey gave Courtney a big surprise. Convincing her that they were attending a friend’s birthday and he was running late, he asked Courtney to drive to his house. Courtney was greeted with a display of old photos and several notes, each with a reason as to why Trey loved her, all leading down a candlelit path to where Trey was, kneeling on one knee, asking Courtney to marry him. She said “of course!” The Bride Courtney Kell, 24, Associate Development Officer, Arkansas Children’s Hospital The Groom Trey, 25, Medical Student, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences The Date June 30 Courtney and Trey were engaged for 10 months but immediately after the engagement the first thing Courtney did was hire an Event Planner, Jessica Kersey, who had planned several of her friend’s weddings. With an outdoor reception planned, they served their guests a southern meal with sweets to take home in honor of Trey’s mom.