A St. Patrick's Day Treehouse Wedding at the Mohicans in Glenmont, Ohio

Sara Graca (29 and a photographer) and David Cooper (28 and in technical support) first realized they had feelings for each other on St. Patrick’s Day

Sara Graca (29 and a photographer) and David Cooper (28 and in technical support) first realized they had feelings for each other on St. Patrick’s Day. Since that's when their crush began, it was only fitting that they get married on St. Patrick’s Day too. With five guests in attendance, they exchanged meaningful words, rings and a kiss (no music, songs, decor or fanfare) in front of the Little Red Treehouse in Glenmont, Ohio. “It looks like a small chapel floating in a tree,” Sara says. Their colors were blue and green (their favorites), evident in everything from David's tie to Sara's nail polish, shawl and bouquet. They moved the reception to a quaint cabin on the same property, where a whimsical, woodsy theme came through in the rustic tablescape decor, and Irish elements were incorporated through their signature drink (a Dublin Mule) and their organic, local meal (prepared by Sara). Their festive cake was a combo of black forest for Sara's German heritage and green and white on the outside for David's Irish heritage. Rather than a dance, there was trivia and a showing of "Game of Thrones," two things that helped bring the couple together. “Everything was personal to us, from the day we chose to get married to the details we included in our day,” Sara says. They didn’t follow trends or give in to pressure when things weren’t done the traditional way. Her advice to other couples is to do what’s comfortable to you. “It’s you and your significant other’s wedding. It should be about celebrating the love you share, the joining of your lives and nothing else.” —Chrissy Sorenson

Sara's shoes were green for their St. Patrick’s Day treehouse wedding at the Mohicans in Glenmont, Ohio.
Sara made the invitations, with a drawing of her and David on the front and a hand-drawn map on the inside. “I’m more of a photographer than an artist, but I thought they turned out really well,” Sara says. “It’s my favorite keepsake from our day.”
Like many brides, Sara tried on dresses with a preconceived notion of what she would like. “I thought I wanted a tea-length dress with a see-through neckline,” she says. What she thought she didn’t want was a strapless gown, but that’s exactly what she fell in love with. “The dress chose me,” Sara says. Her gown featured beautiful lace details, pockets and heavy fabric, perfect for a March wedding in Ohio. Her mint nail polish went with the St. Patrick's Day theme.
Sara planted the succulents that were given out as favors.
A simple chalkboard announced two reasons to celebrate: St. Patrick's Day and Sara and David's wedding.
Sara had strong feelings about not wanting pink, red, carnations or roses in her bridal bouquet. She requested succulents, and her florist came up with the rest, sticking with a whimsical, woodsy, rustic theme in blues, greens and copper.
“After discovering they had treehouses on the property, I was in love,” Sara says of the Mohicans in Glenmont, Ohio. “It was the only location we visited. We knew that’s where we wanted to get married.”
Sara found her wedding day necklace at Art in the Park in Kent, Ohio. During the ceremony, she wore a light blue shawl.
David wore a dark blue suit, a light blue shirt and a dark green tie. Both dads wore similar suits with ties by the same designer but in different shades. The moms wore dark blue and dark green dresses to reinforce the wedding colors. There was no wedding party—just the parents were present during the ceremony, which was officiated by a friend.
After the ceremony, Sara wore a dark blue coat to match David’s suit and used the shawl she wore earlier in the day as a scarf.
Sara and David rented the Walhonding Cabin near the treehouse for the reception. Tables were decorated with moss, wood, tree rounds, sea glass votives, succulents and floral arrangements.
Rather than have place cards, Sara and David ordered customized dessert forks on Etsy.com. They ordered two for themselves, personalized with their names and “I do” and “Me too.”
While the couple were taking photos, they set up Buzztime trivia for their guests, then played "Game of Thrones" throughout the evening (in lieu of a dance). Playing trivia and watching "Game of Thrones" together were key aspects in fostering Sara and David’s relationship. “Everything included in our wedding had meaning to us,” Sara says. “We didn’t do anything traditional.”
Jars were painted copper and patina to match the rustic theme.
Sara and David's signature drink, a Dublin Mule, was a Moscow Mule served with Irish whiskey rather than vodka.
Serving local, organic meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner—was a big focus for the couple (at the time of the wedding, Sara was managing a farmers’ market). “Local food, made with love from people I know, was the theme of the day,” she says. A friend helped with food prep. Breakfast was Irish said bread scones (Gaelic imports), breakfast sandwiches with local eggs (Breakneck Acres), bacon (Curly Tail Farm) and sweet Irish cheddar. Lunch was vegan potato leek soup with a toppings bar and plain croissants, Asiago croissants and pretzel and pickled red onion croissants from Summit Croissants in Akron, Ohio. Dinner was corned beef made from brisket (Breakneck Acres), cured by a friend, roasted potatoes (Morningside Farm) and brussels sprouts (saved all winter from Huffman’s Orchards).
“Dessert is the only thing I didn’t make,” Sara says, adding that she seriously considered it—but everyone told her she was crazy for entertaining the thought (she made breakfast, lunch and dinner for her guests). They served black forest cake decorated in faded blue and green ombre (Irish on the outside, German on the inside) with robot cake toppers because, Sara says, “we feel like we were made for each other in a factory somewhere.”
“When you get married on a Tuesday, you'd better send people home with breakfast for the next day. When you get married on St. Patrick’s Day, you'd better have a boozy dessert,” Sara jokes of their mini boozy doughnuts from Brewnuts Donuts & Beer.