A St. Patrick's Day Treehouse Wedding at the Mohicans in Glenmont, Ohio

Sara Graca (29 and a photographer) and David Cooper (28 and in technical support) first realized they had feelings for each other on St. Patrick’s Day. Since that's when their crush began, it was only fitting that they get married on St. Patrick’s Day too. With five guests in attendance, they exchanged meaningful words, rings and a kiss (no music, songs, decor or fanfare) in front of the Little Red Treehouse in Glenmont, Ohio. “It looks like a small chapel floating in a tree,” Sara says. Their colors were blue and green (their favorites), evident in everything from David's tie to Sara's nail polish, shawl and bouquet. They moved the reception to a quaint cabin on the same property, where a whimsical, woodsy theme came through in the rustic tablescape decor, and Irish elements were incorporated through their signature drink (a Dublin Mule) and their organic, local meal (prepared by Sara). Their festive cake was a combo of black forest for Sara's German heritage and green and white on the outside for David's Irish heritage. Rather than a dance, there was trivia and a showing of "Game of Thrones," two things that helped bring the couple together. “Everything was personal to us, from the day we chose to get married to the details we included in our day,” Sara says. They didn’t follow trends or give in to pressure when things weren’t done the traditional way. Her advice to other couples is to do what’s comfortable to you. “It’s you and your significant other’s wedding. It should be about celebrating the love you share, the joining of your lives and nothing else.” —Chrissy Sorenson