A Stunning, Intimate Wedding at 620 Loft and Garden in New York, New York

California-based Yoyo Zhang (29 and a pediatric resident) and Christopher Rogan (29 and a treasury analyst) put complete faith in their planner, Lauren Sozman of Loli Events, to find a spot that was "classic New York with an outdoor space and a fabulous view" for their intimate wedding celebration. What she landed on was the stunning 620 Loft and Garden in New York, New York, which overlooks Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store. Before the event, Yoyo and Christopher made it clear to their guests that their wedding would not be traditional. An intimate guest list (just 26) allowed the couple to pull off some pretty cool details. They intentionally kept the venue and most of the details secret. In fact, Christopher didn't even see the venue (not even a photo) until the wedding day. Yoyo didn't wear makeup or heels, and Christopher got to eat his favorite food: burgers. "We wanted it to be as un-wedding-like as possible," Yoyo says. "It felt like the most luxurious, effortless, low-key dinner party we'd ever thrown." And instead of gifts, they asked guests to share an anecdote or a toast at the reception. "We invited just our closest and dearest friends," Yoyo adds. "To hear the people we love share with such soul-bearing candor how they felt about us and our years of friendship was something that we will never forget. It was greater than any gift we could have asked for."