A Stunning Natural Wedding at Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey

We're absolutely in love with Janel Nissim (27 and a project manager) and Charlie Mead’s (28 and a research associate) natural wedding at the Liberty

We're absolutely in love with Janel Nissim (27 and a project manager) and Charlie Mead’s (28 and a research associate) natural wedding at the Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey, for the stunning decor and because they went above and beyond for their guests. Although they wanted to have the celebration in a natural, rural area, the travel time for guests made them reconsider and pick the equally gorgeous Liberty House Restaurant’s grounds. Together with Cory Davenport, their florist, Janel and Charlie made the space their own. Lev Kuperman Photography captured every detail. Low tablescapes covered in Janel’s favorite moss and succulents allowed all 200 people to keep up conversation and enjoy the outdoor appeal. Dreamy string lights and draped fabric across the ceiling enhanced the look. The twinkling lights, combined with the venue’s floor-to-ceiling windows, made it look as if they were dancing below the stars. Of course, the couple also wanted to make sure everyone had a fun night. So they worked with a DJ from Aria Melody who kept the party going until the last song. “The focus of our wedding was for everyone to have a great time and I think that reflects us as a couple,” Janel says. “We wanted our wedding to be a really memorable and special day, not only for us but for the people who matter most to us as well.”

“My priority when it comes to clothing is that it's comfortable, so my wedding dress was no exception,” Janel says. On their wedding day, she slipped on the stunning Watters gown from Lovely Bridal Shop. Chic lace detailing and delicate beading covered the bodice below an illusion neckline. A white ribbon sash wrapped around her waist, distinguishing it from the pleated white skirt.
Keeping with a soft, earth-tone-inspired color scheme, the wedding party stood out in shades of pale green and gray. Every person sported a different look. Each bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid picked out a timeless, floor-length chiffon dress with ruching along the neckline from Bella Bridesmaids. For the groomsmen, they all followed Charlie’s lead and sported gray suits with a purple or blue ties. The bridesmaids reflected their looks with purple and white flowers throughout their bouquets.
With such a chic Watters dress, Janel elected for classic accessories. She donned a sleek pair of white heels from Macy's. A slight slit above the peep toe gave it a modern touch while sheer, white fabric wrapped around her ankles. The latter even matched her dress's illusion neckline.
Since Janel and Charlie love the outdoors, it was fitting that they shared their first look among the trees. He waited by the gorgeous cherry blossoms at the Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey, as Janel walked up to tap his shoulder.
“We love the outdoors and being in the woods, so I wanted a natural and simple feel for the floral design,” Janel says. For her bridal bouquet, she worked with Cory Davenport to design a classic white and blush arrangement. Her favorite full peonies overflowed from its classic white ribbon wrap. Meticulously placed leaves added texture to the display.
“Liberty House had the perfect balance of a city experience with a space I could make more rustic and my style,” Janel says. “I had string lights hung across the room for an intimate and magical feel.” Every piece of decor only enhanced the venue’s natural allure. Floor-to-ceiling windows gave guests a view of the expansive grounds as lavish greenery and succulents marked the tables.
“I cut my hair the morning of the wedding. When Charlie and I met, my hair was pretty short and he loved it that way. So shortly after we got engaged, I decided I would surprise him and cut it for the wedding,” Janel says. “I cut off over 12 inches and donated it. No one at the wedding could believe I had actually cut my hair. They thought it was a faux bob.” To highlight her freshly cut locks, the team at Bumble and Bumble slipped a chic white floral headband onto her hair. Delicate pearl beading marked the leaf-inspired accents.
Keeping with their natural style, Cory Davenport designed a chic birchwood wedding arch for the outdoor fete at Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey. Ivy wrapped around each post in between strands of white ribbon. Bringing the two elements together, their florist added bunches of white roses to each corner. Cascading white rose petals also covered the ground for a classic touch.
Janel and Charlie’s junior bridesmaid stood out among the group with her own personal style. She donned a classic sage green chiffon dress from Bella Bridesmaids with thin straps and ruching along the bodice, similar to the other women. But she finished it with a bohemian braided updo that wrapped around her like a headband. (How cool is that?) She also carried a slightly smaller bouquet of white roses and purple delphiniums for a welcome pop of color.
Janel looked nothing short of classic as Charlie took her in his arms for their first kiss. Highlighting the short hairstyle he loves, she wore a sheer white veil from a boutique on the Jersey Shore. Delicate beading covered the trim, matching the white beads on her lace bodice and illusion back.
For the ceremony, Janel and Charlie kept things “sweet and simple,” she says. Since Charlie’s uncle was the first member of his family that Janel met and the couple hold a special relationship with him, Charlie's uncle presided over their nuptials. One of Janel’s close friends filled the day with music, including an electric guitar rendition to “Blackbird” and “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. Absolutely every detail fit their style as the couple said “I do” and took their leave.
Originally, Janel and Charlie wanted to hold their reception in a more open environment. But with his family visiting from Seattle, Washington, it would be too much travel for their guests. So they opted for a loose lighting design. Building on the floor-to-ceiling windows and fabric along the ceiling at Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey, they highlighted the space with delicate string lighting across the modern chandelier. Every detail made the room seem much larger and natural, as if they were partying below the stars.
Instead of picking a specific seat or table for their guests, Janel and Charlie chose a more free-form approach. They let everyone sit or move around as they liked; a “reserved” sign marked only the head table. Keeping with their natural theme, two illustrations of lavender surrounded the card.
“I wanted the arrangements to feel like a piece of the outdoors was present,” Janel says. The couple kept this in mind and chose low, natural arrangements that wouldn’t obstruct their guests views. Cory Davenport, their florist, broke up each tablescape of succulents and moss with low white peony, white hydrangea and blush peony arrangements. Greenery wrapped around each cylinder vase, tying it to the natural tablescapes.
Before their guests took the floor, Janel and Charlie marked the occasion with a sweet first dance under string lighting. “The focus for Charlie and I was to have an amazing party where we could celebrate this special day with all the people we love most,” Janel says. “People were up and dancing the whole night, and that's exactly what we wanted. The DJ, Joe Dunn, did a great job reading the room and kept everyone dancing and enjoying themselves.”
Janel and Charlie also consulted Carlo’s Bakery (known for it’s TV show on TLC, “Cake Boss") for their natural fete. The pastry chefs designed a tiered carrot cake covered in white fondant. Her favorite succulents decorated each layer for a natural touch. Twin gold ceramic squirrels from Etsy.com served as its topper and alluded to the couple’s love for the outdoors.
Charlie personalized his look right down to the last button. He chose a custom gray suit from Suitsupply with a notched lapel and matching vest. His midnight navy tie, white shirt and lavender boutonniere added a welcome hint of color against the neutral ensemble.