A Stunning Natural Wedding at Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey

We're absolutely in love with Janel Nissim (27 and a project manager) and Charlie Mead’s (28 and a research associate) natural wedding at the Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey, for the stunning decor and because they went above and beyond for their guests. Although they wanted to have the celebration in a natural, rural area, the travel time for guests made them reconsider and pick the equally gorgeous Liberty House Restaurant’s grounds. Together with Cory Davenport, their florist, Janel and Charlie made the space their own. Lev Kuperman Photography captured every detail. Low tablescapes covered in Janel’s favorite moss and succulents allowed all 200 people to keep up conversation and enjoy the outdoor appeal. Dreamy string lights and draped fabric across the ceiling enhanced the look. The twinkling lights, combined with the venue’s floor-to-ceiling windows, made it look as if they were dancing below the stars. Of course, the couple also wanted to make sure everyone had a fun night. So they worked with a DJ from Aria Melody who kept the party going until the last song. “The focus of our wedding was for everyone to have a great time and I think that reflects us as a couple,” Janel says. “We wanted our wedding to be a really memorable and special day, not only for us but for the people who matter most to us as well.”