A Sunflower Wedding in Tubac, AZ

Gracie and Jim started dating in 9th grade but shortly after Gracie had to move away. Due to the distance they decided to remain friends and as the years went by and countless phone conversations they became best friends. It was during a spring break while Gracie was in college that she went to visit Jim (in the Marine Corps) that they both instantly knew they were going to marry each other. They continued their relationship long distance until on a 2-week leave from the United States Marine Corps, Jim proposed to Gracie at the airport when she went to pick him up. The Bride Gracie Randolph, 23, Student The Groom James Reeder Jr., 24, United States Marine Corps The Date June 24 Gracie and Jim’s wedding was a destination wedding for most of their friends and family so the reception site was very important to both of them. After looking at multiple locations Gracie fell in love with the Tubac Golf Resort and Spa in Tubac, Arizona. With the location, sunflowers as the accent flower of the wedding and Tom’s shoes as their choice of footwear, they were able to create a wedding that represented their personalities.