A Surprise Wedding at a Private Residence in Bennington, Nebraska

Diane Topolski (30 and a resident physician) and Kinsley Johnson (31 and a land surveyor) brought their family together under false pretenses. What the family thought was an engagement party was actually the couple’s wedding. Diane and Kinsley showed the group a slide show depicting photos of their relationship timeline, and the last slide was the announcement that the two would be be getting married that day. It made sense: The couple had busy schedules, and they didn't want all the fuss leading up to a big wedding. They admit they were concerned their families would be upset without a big, traditional wedding, or extended friends and family would be hurt that they weren't invited. "In reality, our parents were too busy being surprised to remember to be upset, and it made for a great story to share with extended family and friends," Diane says. Mostly, though, keeping their wedding secret gave the introverts the opportunity to have a "small, relaxed celebration fitting for our personalities," she says, adding that the "surprise element allowed us to shift some of the attention to our guests," creating a special and memorable day for everyone. —Chrissy Sorenson