A Sweet and Simple Fall Wedding at Huron Hills Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Despite attending a relatively small college where almost everyone knew everyone else, Sean (23 and an electrical engineer) didn't meet Christine (23 and a registered nurse) until an organized event their senior year. There, Sean struck up a conversation with the elusive blonde, and says, "Even though I would occasionally leave her group to mingle with other friends, I would always find my way back to talk with her." Together with a small group of friends, they decided to conclude the evening by watching the sunset on Lake Michigan. At church the following Sunday, Sean decided to stay a little later than usual and coincidentally noticed Christine in attendance, but she was in a hurry and on her way out, so the moment was fleeting. All of a sudden, Sean "had a flash of her in a wedding dress" and came to the realization that she was the woman he was meant to marry. He ran out of the church and caught up to her before breathlessly asking her for coffee. They had a more formal first date a few days later with a picnic, Scrabble, and even a skydiving adventure! When it came to the proposal, Sean organized a trip to New York City complete with a few Broadway shows--and a surprise engagement on the Brooklyn Bridge. They got married in the church where Christine grew up, Huron Hills Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a reception at the Michigan League on the University of Michigan campus. With a color scheme of navy and gold, along with a few accents of orange, yellow, and red in the flower arrangements, Christine and Sean threw an elegantly simple fall wedding that even included apple cider donuts in keeping with the season's best treats.