A Tented Backyard Wedding With a Vintage Twist at a Private Residence in Burton, Ohio

This outdoor wedding took place in the comfort of the groom’s family's backyard in Medina, Ohio, bringing an element of intimacy to the simple occasion with a vintage twist. Rachel Wilkins (30 and a social worker) and Adam Truelsch (31 and an IT administrator) met at Adam’s family's Fourth of July party, so the couple wanted to get married where sparks first flew. “Built by Adam’s mother and father, their house has always been a peaceful refuge and a place of joy for the family,” Rachel says. Instead of picking specific colors for the palette, Rachel and Adam let the hues come together through the natural gardens and antique elements that decorated the day, captured through the lens by Mindy Sue Photography. A range of colorful flower arrangements done by Rachel’s mother adorned the steps of the wooden stage where the couple got married, which felt as if they were surrounded by lush gardens. Guests ventured to the tented reception area after vows were said, and seated at simple dining tables with dinnerware and candlesticks collected from Goodwill, family members and yard sales, as well as vintage vases with flowers provided by Battaglia’s Garden Center. What did we love? The spotted guinea feathers placed inside a straw basket that guests could wear as a pin at the wedding, plus a sign that said “Birds of a fine feather should all flock together.” “The groom's parents have chickens and guinea hens on the property, so the bride and her mother collected their beautiful feathers and made a pin with a blue-ribbon love knot for each guest to wear at the ceremony,” the couple says.