A Traditional Church Wedding at New Life Presbyterian Church in La Mesa, California

Micaela Clough (21 and a registered nurse) met Charles Jones (26 and a navy fighter pilot) when he moved to San Diego for training and started to atte

Micaela Clough (21 and a registered nurse) met Charles Jones (26 and a navy fighter pilot) when he moved to San Diego for training and started to attend her church. A month and a half later, Charles finally took Micaela out on a lunch date Three months into their relationship, Micaela and Charles knew they wanted to get married. Once Chris asked her father for permission, he took Micaela out to a nice dinner where they had their first date and then to the top of Mount Soledad. Just as the sun was setting, Charles asked Micaela to spend the rest of their lives together. The couple got married where they first met and attend church at New Life Presbyterian Church of La Mesa in California. The spacious, wooden interior created the perfect ceremonial space for their simple, traditional wedding. Charles built the wedding arch that was set at the altar, made with wood stakes and garnished with eucalyptus-accented garland. The ceremonial aisle was sprinkled with hand cut colorful heart-shaped paper that had been tossed by the flower girls. Simple white tablecloths dressed dining tables at the reception, which were decorated with rose and daisy flower centerpieces. As the couple entered the reception hall, Charles’ military buddies created an arch of swords for them to walk under as they loudly announced, “Welcome to the Navy, Mrs. Jones!”

Gold Wedding Rings in Ivory Flower
Ivory Open-Toed Bridal Shoes
“Micaela's wedding dress was strapless with a fitted bodice and flared skirt. The bridesmaids wore long coral colored gowns with two straps,” says the couple. “The majority of the groomsmen wore service dress blue uniforms, and the groom's older brother wore a gray suit.”
Micaela held a bouquet of Ivory and pink roses accented with greens and hypericum berries.
Micaela and Charles Before Wedding Ceremony
Micaela with Bridesmaids in Coral Dresses
At the ceremony, the flower girls spread colorful heart-shaped paper as they walked down the aisle. The couple hand cut all of the paper, and Charles built the wood wedding arch garnished in garland.
“The element that reflected us the most as a couple was the wedding service,” says the couple. “We wanted the pastor to proclaim our faith in God, and our trust that ultimately He would secure our marriage. We wanted our guests to feel like they were involved in the sacred task of encouraging us.”
“Our wedding was at our church, which has a modern exposed wood architectural style,” says the couple. “We loved the large sanctuary and the attached fellowship hall for our many guests. The church congregation provided tremendous support in terms of time and resources.”
First Kiss at Wedding Arch
Micaela and Charles got married at New Life Presbyterian Church in La Mesa, California where they both attended service.
Micaela and Charles stood in the middle of their wedding party. The bridesmaids wore long coral dresses while most of the groomsmen wore their military uniform, besides Charles' older brother who wore a gray suit.
Micaela and Charles Kissing Shot
Happy Couple After Wedding Ceremony
Micaela and Charles Surrounded by Gardens
Charles with Micaela Wearing Military Hat
“A special military tradition, which occurred when we were being announced as a couple, was the sword arch,” says the couple. “Charles's military buddies formed two lines and crossed their swords in between. The newlyweds had to walk under an arch of these swords as they were introduced. As they approached each set of swords the officers would lower their swords, and demand, "A Kiss to Pass" to much applause! At the last sword, Charles's best man swatted Micaela's bottom with the sword, and loudly announced "WELCOME TO THE NAVY, MRS. JONES."”
Pink and Ivory Flower Centerpiece
Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses
“Roses, coffee bean pods, peonies, baby's breath, and green filler were held in blue glass mason jars that came from Micaela's great grandmother,” says the couple.
The wedding cake was iced with blue and yellow frosting, and then decorated with dahlia, chrysanthemum and moss balls. The cake was positioned on a stand ned to the serving set.
Micaela and Charles, First Dance