A Traditional Mormon Wedding at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City, Utah

While on a trip to Lake Powell, Heather McAllister (28 and a hairstylist) and Ethen Roberts (24 and a professional freestyle mountain bike rider) visited the dock where they first met. Ethen told Heather he saw something in the water and jumped in. When he climbed back onto the dock behind Heather, Ethen insisted she turn around to see what he found. “I wouldn’t look the first couple of times he asked because I figured he just got sand and was going to throw it at me,” says Heather. When she turned around, Ethen was on his knee with a ring. “I didn’t believe it was real at first,” Heather says. “I kept on asking if he was joking, but the moment he said, ‘Heather, will you marry me?’ with tears in his eyes, I was the happiest girl in the world!” Heather and Ethen were married in Draper Temple of the Church of Latter-day Saints and followed with a reception at Red Butte Gardens. “I knew with the little amount of time we had for our engagement (seven weeks), I would need to keep things as simple as possible. I wanted to choose a place that was beautiful on its own,” says Heather. “When we found Red Butte Gardens, we both were so excited.” Their Mormon wedding channeled classic elegance with a black and white color palette accented by the greenery of the gardens. “We wanted our reception to be a party and celebration with all of our good friends and family. And it was!”