A Traditional Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI

Lisa first spotted Greg at Buffalo Wild Wings in Ann Arbor, where her friend (and Greg) worked. Lisa and Greg met, and her friend passed him Lisa’s number -- he called the very next day. They ended up losing touch but ran into each other a year later and started talking again. After dating for two-and-a-half years, Greg took Lisa out for a special dinner. Afterward, back at his condo, Greg told Lisa he had a surprise for her. The Bride Lisa Hopkins, 29, an assistant director of student life The Groom Greg Boothroyd, 26, a management systems specialist The Date August 1 Immediately, Lisa thought it was a ring, but decided when she saw the gift bag that it couldn’t be. She opened it to find a stuffed puppy with a red ribbon tied around its neck. Hanging from the ribbon was an engagement ring. As soon as she noticed it, Greg got down on one knee and proposed.