A Traditional Wedding in Atlanta, GA

Kenny was captivated by a girl performing on-stage at a campus variety show. The next year, he met that girl, Kimberly, in a bowling class at Michigan State University. Kenny bowled Kimberly over, but they kept things platonic and even drifted apart for a year. The Bride Kimberly Garrett, 35, project coordinator The Groom Kenneth (Kenny) Anderson Jr., 34, director of merchandise management The Date October 19 Then Kimberly saw Kenny’s face in a reoccurring wedding dream she’d had since childhood. They finally started dating and agreed to get married after they turned 30. Later, Kimberly found a program that Kenny had saved from that variety show she had performed in when he first saw her. He had made two asterisks by Kimberly’s name. About a decade later, he asked her to take his name in marriage.