A Traditional Wedding in Fort Worth, TX

Kate was out in downtown Fort Worth celebrating her graduation from college when she met Brice, who was toasting a successful baseball season with his friends. They danced and talked, and Kate had such a great time that even though Brice told her he was moving back to his home town in Colorado in less than a month, she gave him her phone number anyway. After spending the next three weeks with Kate, Brice scrapped the idea of moving to Colorado and, instead, started to look for a job in Dallas. The Bride Kate Scully, 24, a law student The Groom Brice Wells, 25, an inside sales associate at IBM The Date June 20 They’d only been dating for eight months when they went for a weekend getaway to a ranch in west Texas. On a walk before dinner, Brice got down on one knee and told Kate he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. They started planning their blue, white, and silver-themed wedding the moment they returned to Dallas.