A Traditional Wedding in Manahawkin, NJ

After meeting in a class while they were juniors at James Madison University, Julian and Jacqueline immediately hit it off. Three years later, during a vacation with Jacqueline’s family, Julian asked her to go out on a private boat ride. Unaware of what Julian was planning, Jacqueline tossed her hair in a ponytail and put on sweats. When she walked onto the boat, her favorite song was playing and mimosas were set up on deck -- but she still had no clue about what was happening. The Bride Jacqueline Abene, 26, a first-grade teacher The Groom Julian Barker, 26, a project manager The Date August 15 It wasn’t until Julian popped the question that it hit her. Of course, she said yes, and when she looked up, she saw her entire family waiting for the couple on the shore.